Friday, February 15, 2013

Why "Next Step"?

The traditional path starts with pre-school which prepares you for kindergarten which prepares you for elementary school which prepares you for middle school which prepares you for high school which prepares you for undergrad which prepares you for grad school which prepares you for .... nothing (but if you're lucky MIGHT result in a job).

Autodidacts (fancy word for unschoolers) aren't given that playbook.  Many come to unschooling because it feels natural and "right", but they don't know what to DO when they get there.  What is the Next Step?

When the natural and "right" feeling is attacked by friends, family, and society it is possible to question what you feel is "right" and to ask yourself: "What is the Next Step?"

When an unschooler reaches their personal readiness to spread their wings; where do they go?  They may be ready to leave home, but may not know what the Next Step could be. (Please note that I said "could be" instead of "is" because there are as many paths as there are people.)

This conference seeks to provide answers, suggestions, possibilities, mentors, and more to help YOU learn the Next Step that feels natural and "right" for YOUR path.

The conference is open to ALL families and individuals who want a bit of affirmation or inspiration.

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